STD Testing and Resources for Portland, OR

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Testing? Si!

Stumptown Blue endorses frequent, regular STD testing* by anyone participating in behavior carrying risk of STDs. Like performing sex acts on camera! Of course, even frequent testing is not an absolute guarantee against contracting an STD. But it’s an important step in the right direction. So is there quality economical STD testing in Portland, OR? See below!

Multnomah County Health STD Clinic

We did a search to find inexpensive but high-quality STD testing resources in Portland. The best solution we have discovered so far is: The Multnomah County Health Department STD Clinic at 619 NW 6th Avenue, 2nd Floor, Portland OR 97209. Call (503) 988-5727 for an appointment. The location is pretty ideal – easy access to Max, bus lines, streetcar, and parking.

They offer both testing and treatment for STDs (follow the link above to their website for specific details on their services). Best of all, the fee for comprehensive, personalized testing and consultation is only $50, and nobody is turned away for inability to pay. In other words, you/we now literally have NO excuse not to get tested on a regular basis! They accept most insurance, including Care Oregon, OHP, private insurance and Medicare. If you have no medical insurance, or if your insurance company refuses to pay for testing when no STD symptoms are present, you can simply pay $50 total for the testing, or even get it for free if you can’t afford the fee (please don’t abuse this!).

No More Excuses

The Multnomah County Health STD Clinic says their services are nonjudgemental and confidential, and that it typically takes five days for you to get results. In my case, the first time I went in, it took just two days to get the results. Three days seems about average based on my visits. You can get your results via the MyChart online medical records ap (IOS and Android). You can easily print out the results so you can show a copy to other performers, producers, etc. to confirm your testing and results status.

I personally now use the Multnomah Health STD Clinic for all my own testing. I have had a great experience there, and have now met with three different nurse practioners, and they were all really great! Your first visit will probably run half an hour or so as they set you up as a patient. Future visits are typically faster. They recommend testing for “civilians” once every three months. They will test you once per month or even every 14 days if you ask.

Every time I go in, I ask the staff about their feelings about testing sex workers and adult film industry performers, and their response is uniformly, “That’s exactly the population we are here to serve, and we don’t see enough of you people!” They seem enthusiastic about getting the word out that they happily test sex workers and adult industry performers. And by the way, they just moved into a new facility, and everything is super modern and clean — it’s a very peaceful and supportive environment. Free condoms too. And god forbid you should ever test positive for something, MCH STD Clinic is they’re not just a draw lab – they offer medically sound advice and they will treat you if that turns out to be necessary.

PrEP (Truvada) Prescriptions

For those of you participating in behaviors with a risk of HIV, the Multnomah County Health STD Clinic can prescribe and dispense PrEP (Truvada). Depending on your income and insurance status, they can prescribe and dispense it for at no cost to you.  Contact them for details on their PrEP program.

Talent Testing Service: Great For LA, Not So Much For Portland

For actors participating in the industry in cities like Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Talent Testing Service (TTS) is a very popular option because it allows participants to check up on each other and verify the dates and results of STD testing via an online tool. Results are available very quickly — typically within 24 hours. As of this writing, their “Gold Standard Panel” is $155. Unfortunately, if you want to be tested by them here in Portland, OR, the test centers listed by TTS (Any Lab Test Now and AFC Urgent Care) charge an additional Draw Fee of $45 plus a Shipping Fee of $35, raising the total cost of being tested once by TTS in Portland to $235, or a whopping $470 if you test twice a month. Ouch. I mean seriously – holy fuck ouch. If you travel to one of the cities listed above, you can reduce the cost by testing at a TTS center there which does not charge additional draw or shipping fees. Clearly though, if you don’t need the cute software support and you live/work in Portland, the Multnomah County Health STD Clinic is a much more cost-effective option unless you have money to burn.

STD Testing and Your Choices

If you do a POV shoot with us, we are happy to share documentation of our own personal STD testing schedule and recent clean test results with you before commencing a shoot. Just ask. Similarly, depending on the kind of work we are doing with you, we may ask you for proof of testing as well. As of this writing, for some types of shoots where the level of contact is so minimal that we consider the risk low, we may not require proof of STD testing from you. However, we are always happy to show you our own results if you request them, no matter what kind of content we are shooting. Just ask!

Finally, if you provide recent clean STD test results, you can stipulate that you will only work in scenes where all other performers have clean recent test results. In this case, it’s up to you to satisfy yourself that the STD test results presented by other participants are accurate and sufficient for your comfort level before shooting starts; we do not certify or guarantee the accuracy of any test results shown by any performer because, well duh.

PLEASE Share Your Knowledge!

Obviously, this is a subject of great interest to anyone involved in sex work or the adult film industry. If you know of any STD testing alternatives in the Portland area that we should add to this page, or if you have anything you think is worth adding to the information shared here, please email me your thoughts. My intent is to provide the most accurate and helpful information possible. Let’s be safe out there!


*Important! The information given here is intended as a starting place for general informational and research purposes only, and must not be taken or understood as medical advice under any circumstances! Your decisions and actions regarding STD Testing are completely your own responsibility, and we recommend that you evaluate all options yourself, and obtain the best possible advice directly from a medical professional of your choice regarding your own specific situation. Nothing on this page is medical advice and should not be construed as such, and we are not responsible for any decisions, choices or actions you take concerning your personal health care. 

STD Testing and Resources for Portland, OR