Having trouble accessing the stuff on our site? Can’t log on? Most problems people encounter fall into one of the categories below. Check it out. But in the end, don’t suffer in silence! If you have any issues that the suggestions on this page don’t solve – site access, payments, anything, email me at @ and we’ll get it sorted! We will always go the extra mile.

Q. I’m trying to play a video on the stumptownblue.com website (I am a subscriber), and I get an error and it won’t play. 

A. Refresh your browser and it should start working. This seems to only happen when you watch the same video again more than a few hours after the first viewing. This seems to be a quirk with the new server and video player we’re using; it either has something to do with the hacker protection built in to our content server, an incompatibility with our cache, or. . . ?. We’re trying to figure it out but refreshing the browser seems to work. If you are experiencing this problem with one or more videos, please email me at @ with the name of the video that is having the problem. The more data I have, the more likely I will be able to identify the problem and fix it. Thanks!

Q. I purchased a video from your GetIndiebill store, and it won’t play on my computer or device. 

A. If you are not able to read the video after downloading it from our GetIndiebill store, it is likely that your video player does not have the proper codecs to read the format of the video. Here is an easy and free way to resolve 99.9% of issues :

Download VLC Media Player – it is fully free, and about the best video player available on the market.
Install it. Play your video using VLC Media Player – enjoy! Please know that if it does not resolve your issue, we’re here to help! You can reach out to us via the live Getindiebill.com chat or at @. Finally, if this does not work for you, send @ an email and we will set up a download of a generic .mp4 file for you. Note that in all cases as described in our terms of service, there are no refunds. We will get you a working copy of the video you purchased!

Q. I just sent you an Amazon Gift Card as payment for a subscription, but I didn’t hear anything back from you. What’s up?

A. You probably forgot to include your email address in the gift card’s message box – so we don’t have any way to contact you and give you your user id and password. Or maybe something else happened. Either way, send us the name you used on the gift card so we know it’s you, and a current email address, and we’ll send your login right away. You can email @ or send a message on the contact form.

Q. Every thing I do, I either get kicked to the login page, or I get a “404” error page. What’s up?

A. What’s probably happening is that you are on a very secure site, and you’re trying to access content without getting a subscription and logging in! Those attempts are logged and eventually your IP address will be automatically blocked. Naughty cheapskate you are. LOL. To solve this problem, follow this link: https://www.stumptownblue.com/how-to-subscribe-to-stumptown-blue/ and then sign up, already! Just as an FYI, every dollar we receive in subscriptions goes directly to the models and actresses we hire, or rarely, to help pay for rental locations we shoot in. If you ARE properly logged in and are experiencing this problem, please email me at @ so we can sort out the problem for you!

In addition, if our security software detects that you are behaving like a hacker, and logs your IP address because you are probing known vulnerabilities of the WordPress environment or otherwise behaving in a hacker-like manner, that is not considered normal access to the site. Simply put, any attempts to circumvent our menu system and obtain access to our content without paying for a subscription are seen as an attempt to steal from us, and reasonably we will lock you out of our world because stealing isn’t nice. In fact, it’s illegal. So even if you have purchased a subscription, any attempts by you to hack our system will result in immediate and probably permanent termination of your access to our site. So just be nice. . . use the menu system to access and enjoy the site, don’t dig around in the internals of our software, and you’ll never need me to remind you that hacking attempts are grounds for immediate and permanent termination of your subscription and access, without recourse.

Q. I just paid for a subscription on Patreon.com, but I all I get is errors when I try to access the content or login.

A. We don’t actually post our photo sets and videos on Patreon. We post them on our own secure website, stumptownblue.com. When you join Patreon, they set up a User ID and password for you. Those credentials are for the Patreon system only, and they cannot be used to log onto our site. We send you a separate user id and password for OUR site. When Patreon notifies us that you have paid us for a subscription,  we have to manually set up a Stumptown Blue account with your unique User ID and Password, and then send that out to you in a Patreon message. We try to do it right away, but sometimes it will take a few hours if we are asleep in the middle of the night, shooting, out working or partying, etc. Usually we’ll get it set up within a couple hours of receiving payment. If you sign up in the middle of our night, it generally won’t be until morning, unless I’m in insomniac mode. If more than a reasonable time passes and you haven’t heard from us, don’t hesitate to drop me a message. We seriously care about customer service and we will do our level best to make things happen quickly. Just keep in mind that we are a tiny boutique and pretty much everything you see here is done by one guy.

But as soon as we can, we’ll message you on Patreon with your login credentials (for Patreon subscribers) or send you an email with them (for people who sign up with an Amazon gift card). Once you receive your login credentials, you can immediately log in and access ALL the content for your membership level — Standard Subscription Galleries for Standard Subscriptions, and After Dark AND Standard Subscription Galleries for After Dark members. Six month and annual subscribers have access to everything on the site, including any new levels that may or may not be added during their subscription period.

Please wait to receive your user credentials via a Patreon message or email. Banging away endlessly trying to log in to stumptownblue.com with your Patreon id and password may cause our security software to become grouchy and lock out your IP address, and now we have a mess on our hands and nobody is happy.

Q. When I try to watch videos, I can’t. Dammit.

A. Usually this is because you are trying to use the Patreon Ap or something like that to access stumptownblue.com. That won’t work. You have to use a standard browser — pretty much all of them work — Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Chrome, and Firefox should all work fine. Whatever came with your phone, tablet, or computer should work.

Q. I just upgraded from the $5/month subscription to the $25/month subscription, and you told me you had upgraded my subscription, but the site won’t let me see the yummy After Dark stuff. 

A. When this happens, logging out of stumptownblue.com, closing the browser, restarting the browser, and then logging back in should fix the problem. If it doesn’t, it’s usually because a cookie needs to be changed. Delete your browser cookies and try again. If that doesn’t work, email me right away and we’ll figure it out. Customer service is extremely important to us – we want happy subscribers!