Who/What We Are

A subscription to Stumptown Blue gives you full access to everything on the stumptownblue.com website, including original, exclusive high resolution, explicit NSFW 18+ erotica, bondage, kink and fetish content that ranges from artistic and tasteful to self-indulgently wild. All this from a Portland-based and staffed boutique studio/production house that has been creating artistic still photo sets and videos since 2004 (in Portland since 2015). Been there, done that.

You can start a subscription any day of the month, and it will run for 30 days of access from the time your user ID and password are sent to the email you provide upon successful payment processing. Creation of your user id and password is a manual process, so it may take up to a few hours before they are sent.

What You Get

Subscribers get new photos and videos shot every month, plus you can browse hundreds of photo sets and videos from our archives going back over 15 years of work.

We are a boutique site — everything you see here is original and exclusive – created locally and independently by a fulltime professional photographer who depends on his creative work to eat. No trust-fund bitches here! I live, work and shoot in Portland. This is not some corporate porn site owned by a bazillionaire in Bucharest buying up tired content from god knows where. I shoot with real live Portland girls, sometimes with girls from somewhere else visiting Portland, and I care about the real human beings who appear in my art. You have no idea how valuable your contributions are, helping create more interesting, artistic and exciting work every month, keeping the creative sexy side of Portland alive and kicking! You are making a difference in the lives of more people than you know. . .

*All participants were age 18+ at time of production.

Three Ways to Subscribe to Stumptownblue.com

$24.95 Monthly Subscription – Pay With Bitcoin

Click the Bitcoin button below to subscribe to stumptownblue.com for 30 full days, at $24.95/month, cancelable at any time (no refunds). Your User ID and Password for the site will be sent to the email you provide upon successful payment processing. Creation of your user id and password is a manual process, so it may take up to a few hours before they are sent.

Subscriptions paid for with Bitcoin do not automatically renew. If you choose not to renew, your account will be deleted on the 31st day after you sign up. If you want to renew, just hit this button again any time between your initial sign-up and 30 days out. We’ll take care of the rest!

How to Subscribe to stumptownblue.com


Adopt Us On Cocoscope

A simple way to get a Stumptown Blue subscription is to “adopt” us on Cocoscope.com.

Cocoscope is a Youtube alternative started by the amazing Piper Blush. First, you sign up for Cocoscope.com. It’s free. Then, if you “adopt” cocoscope.com/stumptownblue at the $25/month or higher level, we’ll also set up a free “After Dark” subscription to stumptownblue.com that will run concurrently with your 30-day adoption of our Cocoscope channel. As long as you renew your adoption every 30 days at $25/month or higher, you’ll have uninterrupted access to all galleries and posts here on stumptownblue.com. If you don’t renew the monthly adoption on Cocoscope, your access to this site will end when the Cocoscope adoption ends.

Although you will have a User ID and password for Cocoscope, for obvious reasons, you’ll receive a different and separate User ID and Password for stumptownblue.com. As long as you renew every month, you can keep the same price you started with. This can be important, because the monthly price may go up over time, but you’ll have your original lower price locked in. Of course, if you ever cancel, when you decide to come back, you come back at the current price.

How to Subscribe to stumptownblue.com

Subscribe With An Amazon Gift Card

If you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription with BitCoin, or adopt us on Cocoscope.com, we have an easy alternative. You can subscribe by sending an Amazon (electronic) gift card to @:

A $25 gift gets you 30 days of access to everything on stumptownblue.com.

After you send the gift card, give us up to a few hours to set up your User ID and Password and get them emailed out to you. It’s a manual process. So if we’re asleep, away from the studio, or doing a shoot, there may be a delay of a few hours before we send your credentials. Don’t sweat it.

If more than a few hours passes and you still don’t have your log-in — check to make sure you included your email address with the gift card.

Oops!! Some of you forget. Amazon doesn’t share your email address unless you include it, so if you think you may have forgotten, just message me and say — “Uh, I just sent you a gift card, but I forgot to give you an email address for you to send the login information to.” And I’ll say, “no worries,” and send your login credentials right out.

How to Subscribe to stumptownblue.com


Regardless of how you do it, if you have ANY problems signing up or getting access to Stumptown Blue, don’t hesitate to ask for help. I appreciate your contributions more than you know, and want to make sure you get everything you pay for. You will find me very responsive.