Stumptown Blue is a photographic celebration of the “feminine” via artistic, beauty, glamour, and boudoir photo sets and video for our standard subscribers, plus a separate section featuring explicit 18+ NSFW erotic art for the pleasure of our After Dark subscribers —  from a Portland-based and staffed boutique studio/production house that has been creating artistic still photo sets and videos since 2004.

Every month, we shoot with some of the coolest people in Portland. Our subscribers materially support our efforts to make interesting art. They view our new work published here every month, and can also access our exclusive galleries featuring thousands of high resolution images and videos we created in the past.

You have no idea how valuable your contributions are to us, helping create more interesting, artistic and exciting work every month. You are making a difference!

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Standard Subscription

Standard Subscription

As a standard subscriber to the Stumptown Blue online magazine, you'll gain access to all the posts in our website galleries in the Fashion, Glamour, Art and Beauty category, including photo sets and videos up to Playboy-style nude (think R-rated, but still hot!), and dozens of "blast from the past" posts from our extensive archives of Paul's photo shoots. Updated randomly several times each month with some of Portland's hottest models as well as talented traveling models who visit Portland from time to time. $5/month, cancelable at any time.

After Dark Subscription

After Dark Subscription

For our sexually adventurous viewers, the After Dark Premium Subscription gives you access to everything included with the Standard Subscription, plus exclusive high resolution, explicit NSFW 18+ erotica, bondage, kink and fetish content produced by Paul Grupp that ranges from artistic and tasteful to self-indulgently wild. LOL. $25/month, cancelable at any time.

Annual After Dark Subscription

Annual After Dark Subscription

You may purchase an After Dark subscription that is good for a full year (12 months) for a single payment of $125 (ordinarily $300 at $25/month - more than half off.