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Stumptown Blue Magazine

Is Looking for Models and Actresses!

Every week I shoot two distinct types of work for our monthly subscription-only magazines available through our Patreon account.

We are looking for attractive, fit and charismatic models for glamour, implied and tasteful nude projects

The first opportunity involves shooting photo sets in the artistic, beauty, fashion, boudoir, lingerie, swimsuit and glamour categories – in our studio, or on location, sometimes with your wardrobe, often with what we provide.

We are also looking for models and actresses for our erotic adult-themed productions

Our “After Dark” category, appearing in a completely separate secure part of the site, available only to paying subscribers, includes explicit fetish, kink, BDSM, erotic, and other adult-themed still photo sets and video productions.

Some of our models/actresses shoot in both of the above categories, others have no interest in doing adult-themed work. And that’s perfectly fine — your limits, choices and preferences are always respected.

Contact us for our current payment rates.

Don’t wait – contact us now!

If you are 18+ and love being in front of the camera, we may be interested in working with you. Use the contact form provided below, and email us three photos to @, preferably including at least one full length nude or bikini, and let us know the specific type(s) of work you are interested in. If we don’t get back to you right away, that doesn’t necessarily mean we aren’t interested in working with you. Some weeks we get swamped with requests, other weeks we get none at all, so we will keep your information on file and contact you when we need someone with your look and interests for a project. And if you’ve contacted us in the past, it absolutely doesn’t hurt to do it again — we tend to give preference to models who show that they are serious about working with us. If you do work with us, you will be required to produce state-issued ID for proof of age, and sign a model release.

Regardless of the type of content we are shooting with you, we will ALWAYS provide a safe, respectful consent-based working environment. We keep it fun, drama-free and professional and appreciate the same from the people we create art with! Curious about our STD Testing policies? Click this link!

Interested in Modeling or Acting for Stumptown Blue?
Because of the adult nature of this site, Stumptown Blue does not interact with or photograph anyone under legal age (18). Adults only!
At Stumptown Blue, "Modeling" may or may not include nudity or sexy poses, but it is not considered "erotica" and there are no open leg shots or penetration, and absolutely no physical contact with other people or the photographer. See below for erotica options.
Do you only play alone, or are you potentially interested in working with others? (You may change your mind about this at any time - your consent, or withdrawal of consent, is carefully respected.
Click the options you are potentially interested in. Choices are only for our guidance -- your specific consent at time of shooting is required for any of the above, and that consent may be withdrawn by you at any time and your choice will be respected
Typically, some scenes that present a very low risk of STDs can be shot by actors without testing. Others require clean test results. Note however, that for any POV shoots, we are ALWAYS happy to provide your with our recent clean test results, regardless of the exact nature of the content shot.
Please click the "@" sign in this sentence to send an email with two or more photos to @. At least one should be full-length standing. Nothing fancy - selfies are fine.

We love shooting with entertainers who need photos for professional purposes

In addition to shooting for our online magazine, we also often shoot with professional models and actresses updating their portfolios, webcam girls creating photo sets or video content to sell on their sites or use on social networking, hoop and fire dancers, go-go dancers, burlesque performers, strippers, drag queens, all types of sex workers and other entertainers who need photos to promote their profession or work. Contact us to discuss your options – we’d love to work with you!

Modeling and Acting Opportunities at Stumptown Blue Magazine

We Pay You

We Pay You

From time to time we pay models and actresses to shoot still photo sets or video for our online magazine, for our concept and for our business purposes. The range of payment varies — contact us for specifics. If we pay you to shoot with us, you should not necessarily expect to receive any rights to use the images, although that can easily be arranged if you would like to use them too. For paying shoots, we always require a signed model release and proof of 18+ age. We reserve the right to choose who we cast for paid shoots, and unfortunately, we are unable to hire every model who would like to be paid to shoot with us.

Nobody Pays Anyone (Trade)

Nobody Pays Anyone (Trade)

If you want us to shoot photos or video of you, and we have a project, business need, or personal artistic interest in working with you, we can do it with shared usage rights — you can use them however you like, and we can use them too. In this situation, we work on a trade basis — we exchange your modeling time for our photography time — there is no charge or payment for the photo shoot. Requires a signed model release and proof of 18+ age. For trade shoots, I can provide you with the same final video I use, or one with the music track stripped off. I can also provide the raw footage if you prefer to edit your own work, or all of the above. Trade shoots are a sign of mutual respect between a model and a photographer; they are like getting invited to stay at a bar after closing hours, having your meal comped at a restaurant, getting backstage passes at a concert, or having your budtender put an extra nug in your jar. Neither models nor photographers should assume trade shoots are automatically available. We can't offer trade shoots to every model who requests them, but it can't hurt to ask! If we decline to shoot with you on a trade basis, please don't take it personally -- we may simply be swamped with work for our paying clients; we may not have a business use or a project needing photos of you at this particular time, and we reserve the right to make the final decision about who we choose to invest in by agreeing to a trade shoot in lieu of the payment that is normally required.

You Pay Us

You Pay Us

If you want us to shoot photos or video of you for your exclusive professional or business use, we generally charge a simple hourly or “by the look” rate for the session — we provide you with the hi res images either via an online gallery, or on a USB thumb drive. We also provide you with a broad usage license that gives you the right to use the images commercially if you choose, without need for further permission from, or payment to us. The pictures are truly yours! If we choose not to shoot with you on a trade basis, or pay you to shoot with us, chances are good that we WILL work with you if you compensate us for our time, equipment, studio space, experience, and expertise.

Always Professional!

However you choose to work with me, I have a well-earned reputation for creating a safe, respectful, but fun environment for models and actresses. Regardless of the nature of the content we are shooting, I provide an iron-clad consent-based environment, and I never try to push your limits or comfort zone. You’ll love working with me, and you’ll love the results even more!

Contact me at @ if you live in, or are visiting the Portland area and are possibly interested in working with me. I’ll ask you to email a few pictures so that I have an idea of what you look like, and I’ll ask about what type of work you are interested in shooting. If you’d like, I’d be happy to set up a meeting with you before booking a shoot so you can meet us and discuss your options. I always require proof of age (18+) before we shoot – no exceptions!

Are you interested in shooting adult content, and curious about where to get reliable STD testing done inexpensively and what our policies are regarding it? Click this link. 

Some Advice About Your Privacy

Looking Out For Our Models

Whether you are engaged in very tame glamour modeling or edgier erotica, it’s a sad fact of life that there are people out there who will attempt to harass, dox, or stalk you in various ways for various reasons: out of religious, moral, or political conviction, for various mental health reasons, financial gain via blackmail, or just the “fun” of harming others. Please know that as a publisher who cares deeply about the health, happiness and safety ofmodels and actors we work with, we take precautions to attempt to limit any possible exposure to people with hostile intentions. We do retain and turn over data to law enforcement for people acting suspiciously on our site, which includes any attempts to hack us or invade the privacy of others. But we can’t completely eliminate risk, and there are some important steps you must take as a model to protect yourself.

If you are thinking about doing ANY form of modeling that will appear on the internet, we recommend the following steps.

  1. You must create a separate identity for your modeling. Let’s say your real name is “Jenny Smith,” and you have various social networking accounts; email accounts, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Before you begin modeling, you must create an entirely different identity, starting with your name. So Jenny Smith would pick a new name — say, “April Rain.” Here’s the part I can’t stress enough. Jenny Smith and April Rain must never appear in the same place – EVER. You will never mention your April Rain identity on any site registered to Jenny Smith. April Rain will never even friend Jenny Smith, or vice versa.
  2. A few years ago, that’s about as far as you needed to go. But unfortunately, the behavior of companies like Google, Facebook, and others is conspiring to make it easier for bad guys to discover your real identify. How? Because these companies relentlessly link your various identities, and then encouraging your friends, family, or members of your contact list to contact you at the new identity you so carefully set up to protect your privacy! Why they do this really doesn’t matter. How is what you must understand.Let’s say Jenny Smith has had an Instagram account for several years. When she sets up her new “private” modeling account as April Rain, Instagram asks for various forms of identification. If any of that information April divulges to them (phone number, address, email account, other social networking account) matches up to her real identity (Jenny Smith) on other social networking accounts, Instagram automatically links the two, and then sends messages out to all of Jenny’s contacts encouraging them to follow Jenny’s new account — the one she just set up to protect her privacy and anonymity! Crazy, I know, but social networking is your worst enemy in terms of outting you!
  3. So here, as of October 2018, is the best advice we can give you if you are serious about protecting your modeling identify and privacy. Delete all your old social networking accounts – all of them and get a new phone number. Then create new accounts with your real name, using that phone number as a reference id.
  4. Then, purchase a second phone, with cash if possible. You can keep it active if you want, using that number for any modeling related activities, or you can let it go after you have all your accounts set up. Use THAT phone number to create your modeling identity — a completely separate set of social networking, email accounts, etc. If you are required to give a credit or debit card for anything, under no circumstances should you use the same card for your real and modeling identity! Never cross post anything — don’t use some of the same photos, for example on your personal account that are included on anything to do with your modeling. Photos are just data, and there are software applications that will match them up and reveal your real identity.
  5. Use your modeling accounts ONLY for activities related to modeling. Never, every give it to your friends, family, or acquaintances. Because sooner or later if you have a falling out with someone, they will be tempted to get even with you by doxing you or even blackmailing you (give me money or I’ll send links to your modeling pix to your entire facebook friends list). Yup, it happens.

So there’s some advice to get you started. Please take this seriously. Unfortunately, it’s a crazy world out there, and before you enter the world of internet modeling, you need to think carefully about the risks, and take every step possible to protect yourself!

Here’s a great video that may help you sort all this out. It deals specifically with webcamming, but a lot of the information is equally valuable to anyone engaged in any sort of internet modeling:



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