Welcome to Stumptown Blue, a boutique online magazine featuring original photography and videos. We celebrate the beautiful and sexy side of feminine Portland OR and the PNW. Some of our work is tasteful and pretty. And some is dirty nasty sexy. Regardless, all the work you see in this gallery was produced by Portland-based photographer/videographer Paul Grupp and an ever-growing list of collaborators, mostly Portland-based.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a small boutique site and we get to photograph and publish who and what we want; not what some corporate tool tells us to do.

In our “Standard Subscription” galleries is tasteful and artistic photo work, a result of Paul’s love for the traditions of great photography.

In the “After Dark” section we let our freak flag fly, publishing sometimes unashamedly self-indulgent erotica, kink, and BDSM video and photography. The work is often genre-busting, and Paul rejects conventional rules regarding what erotica should look like — other than one prime directive: no matter what wild wierd-ass shit we are portraying, it must always be performed by consenting adults, whether amateurs or pro sex workers. Other than that, there are few rules about what you’ll see here.

Is it porn? Well if you accept a common legal definition of porn as “work utterly devoid of artistic value,” then Paul would strenuously object to the label. If you broaden the definition to include the broad range of what the morality pantloads call porn, then hell yeah, guilty as charged!

Sex can be simultaneously messy and gorgeous, stunningly so sometimes. We believe that sexual expression is an art form as much as music, sculpture, cooking, writing, sports — it’s thrilling to participate in, and when captured artfully by an accomplished photographic storyteller, it’s exciting and deeply moving to watch.

The Ask

We publish new photo sets and videos every month. However, the work we present on this site cannot continue to grow and evolve without your help. We really need your subscription dollars to make it all happen. Even a small contribution can materially improve and expand what we take on here. We’re growing every month, and we are SO thankful to our subscribers who enable us to keep the dream alive!













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